Highlights from NetApplications data for November '08 - Firefox and Vista break 20% mark

NetApplications has released data for November so it’s time to dig through the trends ...
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

NetApplications has released data for November so it’s time once again to dig through the trends:

Note: I know that many of you distrust NetApplications data, but remember that we are only using them to look at trends. Also, let's remember that as far as Mozilla is concerned, NetApplications data is good enough.

  • Firefox usage hits 20% for November. According to NetApplications a combination of the US election (remember that ...), Thanksgiving holiday and extra weekend days (the average 30-day month has 8.57 weekend days while November had 10) gave usage a boost.
  • Overall IE market share eroded to below 70% for the first time (down to 69.77% from 71.27% in October).
  • IE6 usage slips nearly 2% (down to 21.53% from 23.47% in October). IE7 usage up fractionally (up to 47.39% from 47.08% in October).
  • IE8 beta beats both Opera 9.x and Chrome 0.3 (IE8 beta: 0.73% | Opera 9.x: 0.69% | Chrome 0.3: 0.68%).
  • Windows Vista hits 20% usage (up to 20.45% from 19.29% in October).
  • Mac share continues to climb (up to 8.87% from 8.21% in October).
  • iPhone up fractionally (up to 0.37% from 0.33% in October).

So, the trends are:

  • Firefox on the up
  • IE down
  • Mac up

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