Hillary Clinton in command for 'when' President

Hillary Clinton In Command For “When

Digital Markets Blog presidential campaign 2008 special series on what I am calling “User Generated Politics”

An in command Hillary Clinton sought to assure the American public last evening that she is ready and able to command the U.S. armed forces in decisive action if needed,  “when” she is President of the United States. 

Eight Democrats lock horns (online): So what? in the first democratic debate of the 2008 presidential campaign. Not really, as I previewed yesterday. No fireworks, as was the prudent political strategy for front-runners Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards.

The Clinton campaign message is that despite Hillary’s lead in polls, their woman will win the democratic nomination the old fashioned way, by earning it one voter at a time. 

Clinton reached out to millions of voters yesterday, as did the other seven Democratic contenders. The mainstream candidates went after President George Bush though, not each other.

Mandy Grunwald, a Clinton adviser, said of her candidate, in the aptly called “Spin Room”: "She was the most presidential. I would not say there were losers, she was the strongest candidate."

Obama advisor, David Axelrod, characterized the debate as a “drive-by,” noting it was difficult “to really have thoughtful dialogue on a lot of issues.”

There were no major “sound bite” gaffes from any of the well known rivals. There were also no significant “one liner” homeruns.

The majority of contenders stumbled during one or more key answers. Who was the “winner” then, in terms of substance and form?

Clinton did indeed present the most polished and accomplished performance, with a veneer of genuine sincerity. Assured and in command, with appropriate touches of humility, Clinton presented a visual and verbal case for why she is the Democrat with the necessary experience, qualities and will for leading the country “WHEN” she is President.

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