Hitachi spins out CD-ROM, DVD drives

Hitachi today revealed plans for a CD-ROM drive that can operate at peak speeds of up to 16-speed.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The drive uses a dual-mode operation that allows it to switch between speeds for certain operations that need very fast searching, using technologies called Constant Angle Velocity (CAV) and Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) to prevent the disk wobbling. Pioneer has used the technology in a 10-speed drive. Hitachi will market the product as the 12X Partial CAV Mode CD-ROM drive, reflecting the optimum speed for most operations.

Hitachi will continue to produce eight-speed CD-ROM drives until demand dries in mid-1997; mass produce 12-speed CD-ROM drives from November; and produce a slim 12-speed for notebooks in the first quarter of 1997.

DVD drives will be manufactured toward the end of this year, and the first DVD-RAM drives are likely to be available from the end of 1997.

Hitachi can be contacted by telephone on 01628-585000.

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