HOK Architects chosen for Porsche's new green campus

Porsche is set to build its new North American headquarters in Atlanta and the building should receive a LEED rating of Silver or higher.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

Porsche is set to build its new North American headquarters in Atlanta, and the building is designed to a LEED rating of Silver or higher.

The complex, designed by HOK Architects, will include new offices, a Technical Service and Training Center, a restaurant, a gift shop, a Customer and Driver Experience Center, and an integrated road handling test-track.

As for the design, if looking from above, HOK has made the main atrium of the complex resemble the Porsche shield logo featured on iconic cars like Porsche 911s and Boxsters.The sleek new building will also feature a gigantic green roof that will collect and filter stormwater before it returns to Atlanta's municipal system.

Other energy conservation measures include natural ventilation and on-site energy generation, and floor-to-ceiling windows will surround the courtyard to give the buildings maximum natural light. The building will also be encased in an energy conserving shell that serves to protect it from solar gain.

The new Porsche Center is at the middle of a major commercial development in Atlanta called Aertropolis Atlanta, named for its proximity to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport. The company expects to break ground by early next year.

“We have designed a building with the same high-energy feel and performance as Porsche automobiles,” Todd Bertsch, the vice president and design director of HOK Atlanta, said in a statement. "By integrating the track into the lower levels of the office building and weaving in subtle motorsport-related cues, we can immerse employees, dealers and customers in the Porsche experience.”

[Via: NYT/Inhabitat]
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