Hold the front page: Google Apps arrives at Trinity Mirror

But migration from Lotus Notes not without teething problems...
Written by Nick Heath, Contributor

But migration from Lotus Notes not without teething problems...

Newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror is moving to Google Apps.

The publisher, which produces titles such as Daily Mirror and Daily Record, is transferring its 6,500 staff from using Lotus Notes to Google's cloud office software.

Google Apps

Trinity Mirror has moved to using Google AppsImage: Google

Staff will have access to a range of apps within the Google suite, including Gmail with integrated Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Sites.

Trinity Mirror's IT director Steve Walker said Google Apps will help Trinity Mirror's staff - who are spread across 60 locations - collaborate and access office software using a range of mobile and desktop devices.

"We very much hope that people will use it to collaborate online, whether it is from the editorial point of view right up to our senior execs working on presentations," Walker said.

Other benefits include a larger mailbox, a cleaner interface and savings over using Lotus Notes, he said.

Trinity Mirror has experienced some teething problems migrating emails into Gmail that means the majority of staff will have to continue using Lotus Notes to access their old emails. Difficulty migrating calendar entries from Lotus Notes also means staff won't be able to access old calendar dates through Google Calendar.

"It's not been completely straightforward. We've found that some of the migration tools are possibly better for Exchange users than for Notes users," Walker said.

Trinity Mirror has more than 300 Google Apps superusers across the company, who will help colleagues learn how to use Google Apps.

All staff will have access to Gmail, Talk and Calendar by the end of November, with access to Google Docs and Sites following early next year.

Google Apps is already used by other major media groups in the UK, including the Telegraph Media Group and Guardian News & Media.

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