Holiday Gift Guide 2010: 7 wacky gadget presents

If you're looking to bring a little humor and cheer to a holiday party or you just want something to distract you from all the madness this time of year tends to bring, take a look at these seven wacky tech-related products.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Who doesn't love a good gag gift now and then? There are plenty of gadgets to consider gifting this winter, from pocket cameras to HDTVs. But if you're looking to bring a little humor and cheer to a holiday party or you just want something to distract you from all the madness this time of year tends to bring, take a look at these seven wacky tech-related products.


1. Trick Camera Lenses

Urban Outfitters has an extensive collection of niche and quirky products like Diana Dreamer cameras and telephones that look like hamburgers. But these trick camera lenses for the iPhone should make for a fun stocking stuffer.

Available in four shades for $8.00 each, you can instantly snap photos with five different possible effects: wide angle, sparkle, kaleidoscope, heart or sunburst. You can get a glimpse of what these lenses can do here.

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2. Canon 70-200mm telephoto lens coffee tumbler

There's no better way to represent one's love of photography and the need for caffeine than this coffee cup fashioned like a Canon 70-200mm telephoto lens. And given how difficult it is to find this special coffee tumbler, it would certainly prove to the recipient how determined you are to find the perfect gift for him or her.

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3. Universal Beer Remote Control

Not to over-promote Urban Outfitters or anything, but it is a useful stop for stuff out of the ordinary. One of their most useful (and relatively affordable) gag gifts is this Universal Beer Remote Control.

Sit your cooler next to your sofa, and with a metal bottle opener on the side of this TV remote, you'll hardly ever have to get up this winter - though you might gain a few extra pounds if you're not moving as much. That's what chunky holiday sweaters are for, right?

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4. Macintosh Classic iPad case

There are so many, many iPad cases out there that it can be overwhelming to sort through them all. There is one that truly stands apart from the rest, and it is this innovative yet retro Macintosh Classic with its insides gutted and replaced with a modern-day iPad.

While it is surely going to gain a laugh (at least for a few seconds), it's not actually being sold. However, if you have a classic 1984 Mac of your own collecting dust in the garage, rip out the interior and make it a DIY project. Handmade gifts come from the heart.

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5. Old Time Rock 'n' Roll MP3 Player

Continuing on with the retro gadget trend is the Old Time Rock 'n' Roll MP3 Player. There seems to be something really fun or at least nostalgic when modern day technology gets a familiar design. Why can't we ever just let go of the past?

Sold by ModCloth, this '80s-inspired MP3 player can be yours (or your loved one's) for $47.99. A bit much for a portable media player that only fits 1GB of content, but it sure is unique compared to all of those iPod Shuffles on the subway.

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6. Darth Vader Clock Radio and Alarm Clock

Is this the face you'd like to wake up to every morning? Well, it might be shocking enough to at least get you out of bed on time with those glowing red eyes that display the time. Not to mention some favorite lines determined to get you going like "We would be honored if you join us."

If you really are a rebel and won't wake up, there is a snooze button, along with AM/FM radio, volume control, and an auxiliary jack. And if $50 is too much for this iconic clock, you can pick up a cuter, Lego version for $30.

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7. Treadmill Desk

This is for real, and it's obviously a splurge. For that special someone who works from home (or maybe even a present to yourself), this treadmill desk has plenty of room for all of your office needs, plus some drink holders for your water bottle or maybe even coffee. Just be careful about using your computer while walking and getting a sip of water all at once.

Best off all, the treadmill desk adjusts and should be tall enough to allow the user to do work while working out - all for only $399.95. Who says you can't do two things at once?

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