Honeywell wind turbine hits hardware stores nationwide

Want your own wind turbine and have $6,000 to burn? Head down to your local hardware store and pick up the WindTronics Honeywell Wind Turbine.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

If you want your very own wind turbine, just head down to the hardware store.

WindTronics announced on Thursday that its Honeywell Wind Turbine -- which SmartPlanet previewed in person way back in May 2010 -- is now available at a number of major retailers, including Ace Hardware, True-Value, Wesco Distributing and Mid-States Distributing.

If you recall, the turbine -- 6 ft. tall, 185 lbs. and intended to be installed on a rooftop or pole -- generates power in gusts of wind as little as two miles per hour.

(Of course, at a leisurely, occasional two miles an hour, it could take a lifetime to pay for itself. But still.)

Nevertheless, it's a big-name wind turbine for the masses, and could very well show up on the roof of your local community college, city hall or police headquarters. Or, toss the turbine in the back of the pickup (strap it down!) and be on your way.

WindTronics claims that the turbine is capable of producing up to 1500kWh each year. Of course, things get interesting if your local utility supports the ability for you to feed your gusty, renewable power back to the grid.

(Or, store all that juice in a battery for safekeeping.)

The turbine starts at $5,795 plus installation, which can be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.

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