HongKong.com uses Netlift solution for transactions

Secure transactions enabled for online shoppingNetlife has provided a SET-certified ServerPOS, an e-commerce payment solution, to HongKong.com, a subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed Chinadotcom Corp.
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Secure transactions enabled for online shopping

Netlife has provided a SET-certified ServerPOS, an e-commerce payment solution, to HongKong.com, a subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed Chinadotcom Corp., as the engine for its new "shop4U" website.

The online shopping mall will allow consumers to buy a wide range of merchandise from different retailers using credit cards via the Internet, in a secure manner.

Netlife ServerPOS is SET-certified and support payments using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) and new payment methods and services as they become available. Merchants with Shop4U will be able to make use of the SET infrastructure, allowing for secure transactions with encryption and authentication.

Shop4U's secure online payment backbone will be enabled by Netlife ServerPOS, a software solution which enables secure credit card transactions between merchants, customers and financial institutions on the Internet.

In addition, the solution empowers Shop4U the scalability needed to sustain high volumes of concurrent transactions and the ability to support large numbers of physically distributed or locally hosted merchants in a centralised environment. Thus, Netlife ServerPOS makes it easy for the individual merchant to set up its e-commerce store with Shop4U without the need to become proficient in hosting and managing Internet payment systems.

"We are delighted that HongKong.com has chosen Netlife's e-payment technology for maximum online payment security at minimum cost to all parties involved," said Ng Kee Kit, Managing Director of Netlife Hong Kong.

"Netlife's e-payment solutions are designed from the ground up to provide financial peace of mind as well as ease of use. This gives HongKong.com the competitive advantage needed in today's marketplace," he added.

About Netlife
Founded in 1996, Hamburg-based Netlife is a provider of secure e-business solutions for financial institutions, service providers and merchants. The company's core activities are the development of applications for online banking, brokerage, mobile commerce and Internet payment, and their integration into existing IT infrastructures.

Using Netlife's technology, companies can enable secure e-business transactions over non-traditional media, including the Internet and mobile networks.

With a staff of more than 230 and 14 offices worldwide, the company is committed to continue growing on an international level to serve customers locally. Since June 1, 1999, Netlife AG (NTF) is listed on the Neuer Market in Frankfurt, Germany.

Netlife Hong Kong was set up in January 1999 and is the second subsidiary of Netlife in Asia, providing "e-business that works" to the Asian financial industry and e-commerce hosting companies.

About Hongkong.com
Hongkong.com is a subsidiary of NASDAQ listed Chinadotcom Corp. - the first Chinese-language Internet company to be listed in the United States. The company's Web site was developed by AmericaOnline, Netscape, Yahoo, Reuters and a group of Hong Kong- and Taiwan-based information and news groups.

The information content and services provided on the portal include Finance, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Travel, Free e-mail, Message Boards and Search Engines.

The company is one of three integrated business units in Chinadotcom, focusing on creating e-businesses, hosting and distributing Web content in China, and online advertising. Its corporate mission is to "empower and enrich the digital communities of Asia".

In the fourth quarter last year, Chinadotcom's revenues were US$10.9m, up from US$5.2m in the previous quarter. Hits per day averaged 4.2 million in the last quarter and are rising at a rate of 68 per cent per quarter, with registered members of 2.2 million, up from 750,000 users at the end of the third quarter. Since its launch in 1998, Hongkong.com has won many awards for its Web site, including WMA - awarded by Macro Media.

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