Houston Zoo using Google Glass for behind-the-scenes video

Houston Zoo is using Google Glass to give patrons a look at workers with the animals not normally seen.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Google Glass is the computer made by the search giant that is worn like a pair of glasses. The unique gadget takes photos and shoots video from the perspective of the wearer. While some have privacy concerns about a gadget that can clandestinely record those around it, Google Glass can be used in unique ways that appeal to many.

Houston Zoo Google Glass
Image: Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo has a Google Glass set, and is using it to give interested parties a feel for what it's like to take care of the animals. Video is being shot to appear on the zoo's website that shows workers behind the scenes as they interact with the animals.

The videos will offer a unique view from the perspective of zoo workers showing viewers what it is like to work with the animals in ways not normally seen by zoo visitors.

Houston Zoo's interactive marketing director Ryan Draper told the Houston Chronicle that workers are already shooting videos of workers caring for the animals.

"It's going to be a brand new way to experience the zoo," Draper said. "Normally, the public doesn't have the training required to handle the animals, but with Google Glass, you don't need it. They can just ride along with the keepers, and get that up-close-and-personal animal experience."

This innovative use of Google Glass is only the beginning of uses for the new device from Google. Get ready to see all kinds of activities not normally seen by the masses.

Expect to see Google Glass find uses in the enterprise. One such use could see companies using Google Glass to record tasks by workers with unique jobs. The on-the-job videos could be shown to other employees to give an idea what their co-workers do for the business.

[via Houston Chronicle]

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