How do I create a secure password? (infographic)

With cyber-crime rising rapidly, how can you take individual steps in preventing online data theft? The easiest way is to choose a strong password.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

We're finally beginning to see the true repercussions of cyber crime, with every day highlighting yet another hacktivist attack or the theft of personal information online.

From Zappo's security breach to phishing scamsautorun software and the theft of Norton's anti-virus code, there seems to be a global trend of gaining personal information through digital networks rather than relying on more 'traditional' means.

Killer Infographics recently put together a security-based infographic for Lifehacker, which offers a number of tips for online users who are concerned about increasing cyber-attacks. Focusing on strong password choices, it is an interesting take on how to show users the ways in which they can put online security in to their own hands. Tips on creating a strong password include:

  • Keeping your passwords varied, and not re-using them for at least one year.
  • Avoid Querty-based patterns (for example, 12345).
  • Mix capital and lower-case letter formats.
  • Substitute letters and mix in numbers whenever possible.
  • Switch word orders.

Infographic source: Killer Infographics


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