How much data is consumed every minute?

How much data do you use in a minute? Uploading a photo to Facebook, tweeting, and browsing the Web on your mobile device: it all adds up. Here's what we use in a single minute.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Each and every minute of the day, vast amounts of data is generated from ordinary activities: from online shopping to phone calls, bog-standard Web browsing and accessing social media outlets.

The next time you perform a Google search, you are one in about two-million users who are doing the very same thing at that same moment. Google handles this every second of the day, as does Facebook with more than four billion things shared daily and Twitter with its 340 million tweets per day --- yesterday's outage notwithstanding.

Perhaps a more daunting figure: we spend more than $1 million in online stores every five minutes. Who said we were in back a recession?

In that same amount of time, brands are propped up by close to a quarter-million 'likes' on Facebook, and more than a billion emails are exchanged.

The stats are baffling, and downright crazy. Here are the numbers you need to know.

  • Email users send more than 204 million messages;
  • Mobile Web receives 217 new users;
  • Google receives over 2 million search queries;
  • YouTube users upload 48 hours of new video;
  • Facebook users share 684,000 bits of content;
  • Twitter users send more than 100,000 tweets;
  • Consumers spend $272,000 on Web shopping;
  • Apple receives around 47,000 application downloads;
  • Brands receive more than 34,000 Facebook 'likes';
  • Tumblr blog owners publish 27,000 new posts;
  • Instagram users share 3,600 new photos;
  • Flickr users, on the other hand, add 3,125 new photos;
  • Foursquare users perform 2,000 check-ins;
  • WordPress users publish close to 350 new blog posts.

Data courtesy of Domo.


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