How much money will top tech firms make from mobility next year?

How much advertising revenue will firms including Facebook and Google make next year?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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A new report released by eMarketer suggests top tech firms will rise in 2013.

The study suggests that over 2013, Google will generated approximately $4 billion in mobile advertising revenue. Google's mobile ad revenue is predicted to jump 84 percent in 2013 from a predicted figure of $2.2 billion this year, and reach $6.33 billion in 2014, mainly through the tech firm's search and advert business.

Facebook, on the other hand, will rise from roughly $339.3 million in 2012 to $851.4 million in 2013. Even though Facebook offered no mobile advertising on the worldwide social networking site at the beginning of the year, the firm says that in Q3, Facebook's mobile advertising sector grew at an "astonishing" and "unexpected" rate.

As Facebook continues to explore the idea of mobile advertising revenue, the marketing firm expects it will take the lion's share of display mobile ads with 18.4 percent of the market, whereas Google will be in close second at 17 percent this year. For mobile advertising including search and display, Google is predicted to account for 57 percent of the market, whereas Facebook will secure 8.8 percent.

In overal mobile advertising, Pandora is expected to secure third place, followed by Twitter and Apple.


Popular social networking site Twitter's advertising revenue -- generated through smartphones and tablets -- is expected to reach $248.9 million next year, based on a predicted figure of $134.9 million in 2012. Twitter does not disclose its financial results as it is a privately-held firm.

The boost in revenue is based on marketers spending more on mobile adverts than expected, according to the firm. In addition, the company believes that overal spending on mobile advertising in the United States will jump 180 percent year-on-year to over $4 billion in 2012, a distinct revision in a previous forecast which suggested a figure of $2.51 billion. However, this still remains a tiny portion of the advertising market, accounting for only 2.4 percent of overall spending in 2012.

It is still a market for marketers to keep in mind, as the research firm estimate U.S. mobile ad sales will reach over $7 billion in 2013 and jump to $21 billion by 2016. Emarketer expects overal spending on mobile advertising to rise to 11 percent of the market by 2016.

eMarketer's data is based on analysis figures from research firms and "other sources" on advertising revenues and pricing.

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