How to make your cell phone into more than just a telephone

The latest cell phones are equipped to do so much more than talk to people wherever you are. You can also use them to browse the Web, keep up with your schedule, and much more. Preston has some downloads that'll help you get the most out of your cell phone.
Written by Preston Gralla, Contributor
As anyone with a newer-model cell phone can attest, these days the devices are as much like little computers as they are like telephones. They'll keep track of your contacts and schedule, let you browse the Web, and play short musical ditties when you tell them to.

So if you own a cell phone, or if you need to communicate with someone who does, you'll want to check out these three cell-related downloads from ZDNet Asia Downloads.

Nokia Ringtone Converter lets you easily enter ring tones into your Nokia 3210 phone (it'll support other models soon as well, if it hasn't already). You'll be able to preview the tones on your PC first. (Shareware/Win95-98-NT)

MobileX gives Microsoft's Outlook e-mail program the ability to send reminders, meeting requests, e-mail, and more, directly to your cell phone or pager. That way, even when you're away from Outlook, you can stay in touch with your contacts and schedule. (Shareware/Win95-98-NT)

SMS-it lets you send Short Message Service (SMS) messages to any cell phone, directly from your PC. You can change its look using skins, send SMS pictures, and send to groups of people as well. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

So whether you love cell phones or hate them, you can still find a useful download for them.

What add-ons have you installed on your cell phone? TalkBack to me.

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