How to uninstall the iOS in-app purchase hack from your device

If curiosity got the best of you and you installed the iOS in-app purchase hack, here's how to clean your device up and set things back to normal, should you have a change of heart.
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor

Last week, news broke of an iOS hack that allows people to make in-app purchases for free. Now, while many developers are in full-on "panic mode" as everyone is busy cooking up YouTube videos and articles to show the rest of the world how to install the hack, I'm writing this short-but-sweet guide to show everyone how to uninstall it. While it looks like an arduous affair based on the number of steps below, all it will take you is ~30 seconds, give or take.

For total clarity, the following steps will remove the two certificates and delete the DNS IP address(es) required by the hack. Last of note, I'm providing the screen shots from my iPad, but all the steps are the same for iPhones as well.

1: Tap "Settings"


2: Tap "General"


3: Tap "Profiles"


4: Tap "VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA - G2"


5: Tap "Remove"


6: Tap "Remove" in the dialogue box that pops up


7: Tap "*.itunes.apple.com"


8: Tap "Remove"


9: Tap "Remove" in the dialogue box that pops up


10: Tap "Wi-Fi"


11: Tap on the blue circle to the far-right of your network ID


12: Tap on "DNS," then delete any IP addresses therein and leave the space blank (it will auto-fill with the correct DNS information after the next step)


13: Press the Home button and rejoice at your outstanding moral decision!


As a final precautionary step, you might want to go ahead and change your Apple ID password -- especially if you tried to "purchase" anything using the hack. Although the creator of the hack says he does not log your credentials (which Apple apparently transmits in plain text, mind you), just imagine the alternative and the havoc that could be wreaked on your bank account -- never mind what other nefarious possibilities might be lying in wait where this hack is concerned.

So, there you have it. Be nice to developers and support those whose apps and games bring joy to your life!

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