How Your Boss Is Helping Us Grow MyMobiSafe.com…

How Your Boss Is Helping Us Grow MyMobiSafe.com…By: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.
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How Your Boss Is Helping Us Grow MyMobiSafe.com… By: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

Your boss doesn’t realize it yet, but your boss is growing MyMobiSafe.com everyday. Internet restrictions in the workplace are creating an increasing rush to the mobile web. If you use the mobile web, chances are you want a mobile security solution and that’s where we fit in.

Before I left the corporate world to start the MyMobiSafe.com venture, I found myself increasingly being subjected to the technology restrictions of “the man.” I was working for a big name U.S. wireless provider (which I’ll leave nameless but will refer to as Orange) and it seemed like everyday there would be a new restriction placed on internet usage. I was with Orange for about five years and in that time it went from being able to login, to only being able to browse at lunch, to the way it was before I left when I could only access .edu or .gov addresses. While I was thankful for a few entertaining .edu portals, I felt the social side of the internet being squeezed out of my work life completely.

Before I left Orange things had become so restricted that I had to go home on my lunch break just to stay in touch with the internet community. What your boss fails to understand is that we as internet surfers are generally less interested at work to search for “images” and are more likely to use the internet to stay in touch. The web has become a social networking giant and our bosses seem intent on restricting our access to it. As rebellious as we are, we’ve found a way to stick it to the man by turning to our wireless web instead.

Inside the menu of most modern mobile phones is the world’s next portal to the web – the mobile internet or the MobiNet as I like to refer to it. So if you are seeing your workplace internet restrictions rising, don’t forget that you have your own key to the web. If you are new to the MobiNet don’t forget to boost your mobile security. The rising content for mobile phones is also increasing the threats that mobile internet users encounter (MyMobiSafe.com has you covered here). I hope the next time you see a workplace memo about increasing internet restrictions, you too will get a big smile on your face as you reach for your mobile internet. As you hit that big red X to delete that memo, just remember that your boss is just doing their best to grow MyMobiSafe.com. : )

By Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

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