HP announces IA-64 initiatives

HP Asia Pacific has recently announced new initiatives for businesses and developers preparing for IA-64 based enterprise-computing environments.
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HP Asia Pacific has recently announced new initiatives for businesses and developers preparing for IA-64 based enterprise-computing environments.

26 July 2000 - Beginning with the Itanium processor, IA-64 is based on the EPIC design that was jointly developed by HP and Intel. The features of IA-64 go beyond 64-bit memory addressability to deliver breakthroughs in performance, reliability and scalability for server and workstation solutions.

HP-UX 11i features end-to-end mission-critical support for fast growing Internet companies and enterprises that need scalable performance.

It allows for faster performance of Java applications, handles more users and provides a lower total cost of ownership than comparable Solaris-based systems.

HP-UX 11i provides flexibility by simplifying the transition of Windows NT and Linux applications to HP-UX. Of all the RISC UNIX operating environments available today, only HP-UX 11i is ready for IA-64.

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William TY Wu, IA-64 program manager, Intel Asia Pacific, said, "IA-64 will be the engine for e-business. We want to provide the industry with every opportunity to optimise technologies and solutions that harness the power and unique features of the Itanium processor."

Designing the Future (DTF) Program offers a premier partner program, which is targeted at ISVs that want to accelerate their IA-64 solutions development.

The program provides software developers with services such as early access to Intel Itanium processor-based systems, technical consulting, educational and planning programs, and the latest development tools.

HP Asia Pacific's Partner Technology Access Center (PTAC) is one of the first on the planet. The PTAC in Tokyo supports development on IA-64 for HP-UX, Linux and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Binary Compatibility for Enterprise Servers allows customers and partners to validate quickly the binary compatibility of their HP-UX applications, using HP's dynamic translation technology.

Instant PA-RISC(2) application and solution availability through binary compatibility is an industry first, and it creates a time-to-market advantage for HP-UX applications on Itanium processor-based systems from HP.

IA-64 Developer's Kit for Linux is a free package that enables the Linux community to develop, test, debug and run IA-64 applications for the upcoming Intel processor.

The development kit contains an IA-64 Linux Simulator, developed by HP, that allows developers to use today's IA-32 systems (such as those powered by the Pentium III processor) to emulate the functionality of a 64-bit Linux environment running on Intel Itanium processor systems.

"Working with HP and the open source community to develop and distribute this new IA-64 Linux developer's kit is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering tools and related documentation that enable IA-64 software development," Wu added.

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