HP breaks downward sales trend in New Zealand

Hewlett-Packard lifted sales by 6.6 percent for the year ended October 31, 2014.
Written by Rob O'Neill, Contributor

Hewlett-Packard has turned around a steady decline in sales in New Zealand to log a 6.6 percent increase to NZ$592.3 million.

However, despite bolstering its top line, HP saw losses increase from NZ$14.7 million to NZ$16 million for the year ended October 31, 2014.

Last year, ZDNet reported that HP's local sales had declined to almost the levels seen before it acquired EDS in 2008.

EDS was a powerhouse in outsourcing to the New Zealand government, with sales pushing NZ$400 million a year before it was acquired.

The first year in which EDS' numbers were included in HP's locally was 2010, when the combined business recorded NZ$815.2 million in sales.

While rivals have invested heavily in datacentre capacity, HP postponed its own planned investments, and found itself excluded from key all-of-government supply panels.

According to government ICT portal ICT.govt.nz, HP remains outside the infrastructure-as-a-service panel, which is mandated for core agencies. That panel includes Datacom, IBM, and Spark's Revera.

Similarly, it doesn't feature on an optional panel for IT managed services, which is comprised of Datacom, Fujitsu, and Spark Digital, formerly Gen-i. HP is not on the desktop-as-a-service panel, either.

It could, however, supply products and services to the companies included on those panels.

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