HP-Compaq: What happens now?

SPECIAL REPORT: Hewlett-Packard's £17.5bn takeover of rival PC maker Compaq is one of the technology sector's biggest deals ever. What will this mean for their customers?
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Kewney's World: the HP-Compaq merger
Hewlett-Packard and Compaq have announced that they're merging, creating a PC giant second only to IBM. Guy Kewney takes a look at what this might mean for the PC market, the consumer and Intel. NEWS
Lexmark can live without Compaq
Weds 5th Sept Fears that the loss of Compaq's business as a result of the merger with HP will cost Lexmark dear are unfounded, say some analysts Fiorina to HP ranks: It's a 'historic day'
Weds 5th Sept HP chief executive details integration plans in a company-wide memo Summer fling turns into deal for HP, Compaq
Weds 5th Sept One of the biggest PC industry mergers ever started with a phone call over technology licensing HP-Compaq merger means more job cuts
Weds 5th Sept The combined company plans to shave 15,000 jobs as part of an effort to save $2.5bn a year Merger caps short, turbulent Compaq history
Weds 5th Sept Compaq is about to disappear after a brilliant career that started in 1984 and fell apart only 16 years later Wall Street: HP plus Compaq may not add up
Weds 5th Sept Short-lived market rally around Compaq as analysts search for the deal's upside HP-Compaq merger may complicate Microsoft relations
Weds 5th Sept Deal will bring together two companies that have very different relationships with Microsoft HP-Compaq deal not likely to scare Dell
Weds 5th Sept Even combined, the companies will have a difficult time matching up to Dell's direct, build-to-order model HP-Compaq would be European titan
Tues 4 Sept The combined company would have more than double the PC market share of its nearest European competitor, but for how long? HP to buy Compaq for $25bn
Tue 4 Sep Two of the 'big four' PC makers merge in one of the biggest deals in technology history, creating a company second in revenue only to IBM - but layoffs are inevitable HP-Compaq: Merging is the easy part
Tue 4 Sep News analysis: Price pressures, slowing PC sales, sour economy and inherent merger difficulties set to make deal a headache Fiorina: The quest continues
Tue 4 Sep A few weeks ago, observers wondered if Carly Fiorina would be pushed out as chief of HP -- now she's running the second-largest PC company in the world "New" HP set to rule in Asia
Tue 4 Sep The biggest PC manufacturer in Asia is not Compaq, IBM or Dell, but China's Legend Computer. Not for much longer, say analysts

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