HP doubles down on Linux

Linux Foundation announces HP has become a Platinum Member of the Foundation.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

 At LinuxCon Europe in Barcelona, Spain, the Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating Linux's growth, announced that HP "is making a strategic, long-term investment in Linux by upgrading to Platinum membership. Other Platinum members include Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, NEC, Oracle, Qualcomm Innovation Center, and Samsung."

 HP has long been a Linux and open source software contributor communities. Currently, HP offers Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) on its servers and desktops and Ubuntu is certified for use on many HP desktops and HP's cloud offering.

 According to the Linux Foundation, "By becoming a Platinum member of The Linux Foundation, HP will have a seat on the Board of Directors and will be directly involved in advancing Linux-based initiatives, workgroups, Labs, events, and more that support its business goals."

 "With one of the richest and most recognized stories in technology, HP has a history of innovation and market success," said Jim Zemlin, the Foundation's executive director in a statement. "Because of this history and innate knowledge of software development, HP understands that Linux and collaborative development can benefit its business across its product portfolio. We're looking forward to the work we can accomplish with HP."

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