HP launches cloud services private beta

HP launches private beta for its first two cloud services. Will enterprise customers bite?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

HP on Wednesday launched a private beta for its HP Cloud Services effort, which includes both compute and storage.

In March, HP CEO Leo Apotheker outlined the company's cloud strategy, which at the time involved a mix of corporate and consumer services. Since that strategy session, HP has said it will step back from the PC business and shelved its TouchPad tablet plans.

With that backdrop, progress on HP's cloud effort is worth noting.

The company said in a blog post that its private beta will include its first two services: HP Cloud Compute and HP Cloud Object Services. These two efforts, similar to what Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3, are likely to be building blocks for future cloud services.

According to an HP blog post, the details of the cloud private beta go like this:

  • HP's cloud is based on its infrastructure and software;
  • There's integration with OpenStack via a Web-based interface and APIs.
  • The private beat is designed to solicit feedback on development and features.

Although HP's initial cloud private beta looks like an AWS wannabe there's a wide open field for vendors to court enterprise customers. Given HP's footprint, it's likely to find a receptive corporate audience assuming it can launch these cloud services effectively.


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