HP TouchPad gets webOS update

HP released an update for webOS for the TouchPad today, available OTA. The update has all of the expected performance improvements, along with the ability to use the TouchPad with non-HP phones.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

My favorite tablet got even better today as HP released webOS 3.0.4 that adds some nice new features. According to Ari Jaaksi (on his blog), the head of webOS and services at HP, the update adds a new camera app, and an intriguing feature that makes "connectivity with non-HP phones possible".

I have been trying to download the update for a little while but it seems HP's servers might be slammed with all of those TouchPad owners trying to get the new stuff. I will report on the new version once I get to try it first-hand, but meanwhile Ari's description sets the stage:

We improved performance, added better support for the camera, made connectivity with non-HP phones possible, improved messaging, touched the UI in many places, etc. Also, we’ve got over 1000 applications available for TouchPad through Application Catalogue.

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