HP TouchPad reviews go live, not the iPad contender some hoped for

HP is launching their TouchPad webOS-based tablet this Friday, 1 July, and the embargo has lifted on reviews. Most rate it just as an above average tablet that can't yet compete with the iPad.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The embargo for the HP TouchPad webOS 3.0 device lifted tonight and there are plenty of reviews now online (linked to below). Review ratings range from 2.5/5 to 7.5/10 and I didn't see a single review that said they would recommend you purchase it over the Apple iPad 2. My question on whether or not there was a compelling reason to buy a TouchPad looks to be answered with a No in the present state.

It seems it is currently a devices just for the serious Palm fan or those that have a major distaste for Apple products. Like the RIM PlayBook there are many things that need to be fixed with updates and developer support, but if HP moves forward as slowly as RIM with the PlayBook this may just be another niche tablet that leaves the tablet market firmly in Apple's hands.

Unfortunately, James, Joel, and I did not get evaluation units to try out so you won't see any hands-on from us, but Jason Perlow plans to buy one on Friday and post coverage this weekend. Our partners at TechRepublic have posted a nice review stating that the TouchPad excels in productivity. In the meantime, you can check out one of their videos below:

Video: Three areas where the HP TouchPad trumps the iPad

Full reviews of the HP TouchPad are up on these websites for your reading pleasure:

Any readers picking up a TouchPad? What do you see that is compelling over existing tablets?

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