HPE adds to all-flash storage portfolio

Hewlett Packard Enterprise rolled out a converged all-flash system in a bid to consolidate data center arrays.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise rolled out new storage arrays as it joins the parade of vendors courting enterprises moving to all-flash data centers.

The company launched the following:

  • A HPE 3PAR 20840 Storage array, a converged flash system that can scale up to eight controller nodes. The 3PAR 20840 is designed to consolidate racks of storage systems. There are 21 pet bytes of usable capacity.
  • HPE Store Once 6600, a data protection system designed for large mission-critical workloads. The system has multi-node resiliency and auto restart features. The StoreOnce 6600 can protect up to 1.7 petabytes of data at up to 184 TB per hour.
  • HPE StoreOnce 5500, a system aimed at recovery time and recovery point policies. The system can back up to 864 TB at 8 cents per GB of logical capacity.
  • In addition, the company also launched a guarantee program that is a written assurance that enterprises will see up to 75 percent capacity savings in consolidation projects.

Late last month, EMC launched a series of all-flash arrays and said that by 2020 traditional drives would only be used for archiving. On March 1, SanDisk and IBM announced a partnership to develop all-flash systems.