HPE launches 5G test lab for telcos

Via remote access, telcos will be able to use the lab environment to test and validate their own 5G network products with different vendors and platform providers.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

HPE on Thursday announced the launch of the HPE 5G Lab, an environment where telecommunications firms can test and validate their own 5G network products with different vendors and platform providers. The lab is based around HPE's growing portfolio of 5G products and services. Its focus is on helping telcos use various, best-of-breed vendors to build a modular 5G cellular network core. 

The lab is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and it's available to customers globally via remote access. Telcos using the lab will benefit from personnel who manage and operate the lab environment, as well as assist with integration and testing. 

HPE notes that 5G standards are designed to let telcos can build 5G networks with open, cloud-native platforms that utilize modular software and hardware components from different vendors. While using the HPE 5G Core Stack -- an open network software stack -- telcos can use the lab to test different network functions from different vendors. 

"Governments and telecoms operators around the world are looking to open 5G technologies as an opportunity to move away from several vendors which have raised fundamental concerns around security, resilience and market diversification," Phil Mottram, VP and GM of Communications and Media Solutions at HPE, said in a statement. "However, despite multiple
successful deployments, doubts persist about the ability of open 5G technologies to truly replace the old way of building networks. With the launch of the HPE 5G Lab, telcos, solution vendors, and national stakeholders can test innovative new solutions with confidence and ensure that they are ready for mass adoption."

The HPE 5G Lab already has support from key industry players including Affirmed Networks, Casa Systems, Intel, Openet, Metaswitch, and Red Hat.

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