HR's top stories: A look at Gen Y and how to get your dream job on social media

The human resources stories dominating 2010
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor

The human resources stories dominating 2010

As we prepare to bid farewell to 2010, silicon.com casts back over the past 12 months for the biggest HR stories of the year.

The millennial generation is entering the workforce in droves and several of 2010's top HR stories featured Gen Y and their impact on businesses.

With the millennials characterised as having a greater level of tech-savviness, a desire for flexible working and strong ideas about sustainability, silicon.com delved into the question of how HR should approach the challenges to working practices that the millennials will introduce in iPads to flexible working: HR versus the millennial generation.

However, as a millennial herself, Shelley Portet challenged the view that her generation will cause chaos in the workplace, setting the record straight in We're not what you think: Debunking the myths about millennials.

Of course, the advent of the millennials is not the only change coming to an office near you. Human resources itself is set to undergo a transformation with the shift of HR processes to third parties predicted to grow in HR outsourcing to get a boost from recovering economy.

silicon.com also investigated how managers will need to change the way they work to get the most out of their reports in the workplace of the future. Building trust with remote workers and establishing new management structures are two of the elements explored in Five ways to manage the team of tomorrow.

Another technology trend on HR's horizon in 2010 was data analytics. The use of analytics to recruit the best workers and hang on to them was examined in HR analytics: How to get the best out of your workforce.

And with social networks becoming increasingly useful routes to hire new workers, silicon.com took a look at what businesses should be doing to make the most of such channels in How to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in recruitment.

Along with HR, many staff are now using Twitter as part of their working lives - prompting a debate on how to handle the effect the microblogging site can have on your business in Digital Dilemmas: Does your business need a Twitter policy?

Of course, Twitter is just one channel for HR violations to occur, with the transgressions peculiar to IT staff explored in Top tech HR violations and how to avoid them.

The perennial issue of the gender pay gap once again reared its head in 2010 when the Chartered Institute of Management reported that IT is the worst offender for wage imbalances in Women in IT face largest gender pay gap of any industry.

silicon.com also examined why more women aren't achieving the same career highs as their male counterparts in Skirting the issue: Why women aren't making it to the board.

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