HTC announces new Android devices and HTCSense.com services

HTC continues to roll out new Android devices and these two are similar to the US versions available and coming soon. The HTCSense.com service is designed to let you manage your device from the Internet.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

It is coming as no real surprise that HTC announced two more Android devices in London today with the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z. The Desire HD is something like the HTC EVO for GSM carriers while the Desire Z is something like the upcoming T-Mobile G2.

HTC Desire HD

The HTC Desire HD is a more refined piece of hardware than the EVO 4G, but with the large 4.3 inch display and Android 2.2 operating system it is very similar. Engadget is at the HTC event and has some hands-on experiences for you to enjoy.

The Desire HD has the 4.3 inch display, 8 megapixel camera, Dolby/SRS sound, and an aluminum frame. The new HTC Fast Boot technology is designed to let you get a faster power-up experience, but as someone who never shuts down my devices (except to switch SIM cards) I really don't see much utility in this feature.

New updates to HTC Sense are included in the Desire HD, including a new camera application, ebook reader (powered by Kobo), and location-based service called HTC Locations.

HTC Desire Z

T-Mobile already announced and will soon launch the T-Mobile G2 and the Desire Z looks like the HTC branded version of this device. Engadget also has some hands-on experiences with this upcoming device. Just like the G2, the Desire Z has the slide out QWERTY keyboard and 5 megapixel camera. The Desire Z includes the new HTC Sense so this is one difference between the G2 that looks to be more of a Google experience device.


Similar to what you see on Windows Phone and iOS devices, HTC is launching a new service for their devices, called HTCSense.com. This service lets you manage your device from a web browser where you can find your lost phone, clear all information from the phone and transfer information from device to device. You can also use the service to customize your phone with wallpaper, scenes, sounds, and plug-ins.

The new HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z will be broadly available through mobile operators and retailers across major European and Asian markets from October 2010 with the HTC Desire Z shipping in North America later this year.

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