HTC Excalibur to compete with Motorola Q and Samsung i320

Another QWERTY Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone should be coming soon. This one may actually be branded by HTC, the maker of most Windows Mobile devices today.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I am a huge thumb keyboard fan and also enjoy using multiple operating systems. If the Motorola Q came in a GSM version I may be using one of them now, but a GSM version probably won't be out until later this year. The Samsung i320 is the GSM competitor that should be out soon and according to Smartphone Thoughts another competitor may be coming in the form of the HTC Excalibur. They have a single image up of the device and personally I have to admit it looks a bit like a toy and not a serious business device, which is where these QWERTY smartphones really compete. It may look more professional in person and I'll reserve my judgement on the device until I get a chance to see one myself. I do like the rumored specs of quad-band radio and integrated WiFi though. There is also a new innovation on this device with some kind of touch jog strip on the front right. You reportedly slide your finger up and down to scroll, touch the top to go to the Start menu and the bottom to go back. I assume there is a way to lock this so the device doesn't go through and call all your contacts when you slide it in and out of your case or pocket.

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