HTC launches Advantage initiative that includes one free screen replacement

HTC needs to do something other than make incredible devices and the HTC Advantage program is one way they are trying to stand out. One free screen replacement is a great way to start.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
HTC launches Advantage initiative that includes one free screen replacement
Image: HTC

I wrote about my year with the HTC One and my device still looks almost new. In order to try to differentiate from the others and appeal to more consumers with the next version of the One, HTC just announced the HTC Advantage program that includes a few benefits after you purchase a device from the HTC One family.

The HTC Advantage program currently applies to the HTC One, One Mini, and One Max. This new program is available through HTC Americas for the US market and includes a free one-time cracked screen replacement, commitment to software upgrades, and online storage solutions.

Free cracked screen replacement

This part of the program is the most interesting to me, but unfortunately it no longer applies to my HTC One. HTC is offering a one-time screen replacement within the first six months of ownership.

The real test will come when people start turning in their broken devices and we wait to hear how quickly and how well HTC's customer service centers replace the screen. I have never had to use HTC customer service for a broken or faulty device in the past so cannot comment on their service. I haven't read the best feedback on forums, but then again people in forums are generally those who complain while satisfied customers usually don't participate.

As stated in the HTC press release, Ed Kuhner, vice president, Customer Experience, HTC Americas said, “Keeping customers happy is something we believe a premium product maker should do, so we commit to continually listening to our customers and developing new, innovative solutions based on customer feedback and addressing their pain points over time – that’s the HTC Advantage.”

Future Android updates

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My one year old HTC One from T-Mobile is schedule to get the latest KitKat 4.4.2 update as soon as T-Mobile finishes their certification. HTC has done a great job with keeping the HTC One updated and this HTC One update is the first for non-Google and non-Google Play devices.

HTC has improved on their update transparency through mechanisms such as their update status website and active Twitter updates. HTC Americas is committing to upgrade Android devices for up to two years from the initial launch of the phone. This means my HTC One should be upgradeable for another year.

The difficult part here is the carrier involvement and certification process and the unknown with Google in charge of releasing Android software updates, but at least HTC is stating their clear commitment.

25GB to 50GB of online storage

You may recall that HTC provided a couple years of Dropbox storage for most of its devices over the years. HTC switched to providing Google Drive storage with 25GB to 50GB, depending on the device, available for a two year period.

HTC also provides the HTC Backup service where you can backup and restore key settings and pieces of data through an HTC account.

HTC Advantage launches today in the US where it is available with new purchases of the HTC One family of products. HTC just sent out invites for a 25 March event where they are announcing their new flagship. We don't know the name of this new HTC One device, but we have seen a ton of leaks over the past couple of weeks that show a device with two cameras on the back. I am trying to make it to New York for the event and look forward to seeing this new HTC device that will be launching with support for the HTC Advantage program.

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