HTC One M8: Where's the cheapest place to get it in the UK?

HTC's new flagship, the HTC One M8, will be available in some places today in the UK, but where should would-be owners look to get their devices?
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer
The HTC One M8. Image: CNET

Mobile operators and retailers across the UK have already begun selling HTC's all-new aluminium frame flagship, the HTC One M8, after its launch yesterday. But which one is offering the best deal?

O2's prices for the HTC One M8 start at £38 a month on a two-year plan, which includes a 2GB per month data limit with unlimited voice minutes and texts. The upfront cost for the device is £49.

With an 8GB 4G-ready plan, the monthly cost goes up to £48 with a lower £19.99 upfront fee, while the 5GB 4G-ready plan is priced at £43 a month with an upfront cost of £29.99.

Three is stocking the grey and silver editions of the HTC One M8, with two-year plans starting at £38 a month with an upfront cost of £49, and going up to £44 a month with a £40 device fee.

On the lowest-priced plan, consumers will get 2GB of data and 600 voice minutes. For £41 a month, they'll get all the data they can consume and 600 voice minutes. Alternatively, for the same price, they can choose a 2GB monthly data cap and unlimited voice minutes. For the slightly higher cost of £44 a month, they get both data and voice uncapped.

Vodafone is offering separate 3G and 4G pricing for the HTC One M8, which is also available in grey and silver.

Looking only at 4G pricing, its two-year contracts start at £47 a month with no upfront cost. The plan offers 3GB of data and unlimited voice minutes and texts. Vodafone is also throwing in six months of Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV, and 3GB of wi-fi from the likes of BT and Virgin. A 5GB per month mobile data cap with the same features costs £52, while at the very top end, a two-year 4G plan will cost £62 a month with 13GB of data.

Customers can order now order the M8 from Vodafone for delivery on 27 March. The HTC One M8 is also being sold at several Vodafone shops in London, including two stores on Oxford Street, one in Westfield Stratford, and one in the White City Westfield.

Carphone Warehouse is stocking the silver and grey models and says the gold will go sale on 7 April. Its SIM-free cost for the HTC One M8 is £529. It's also offering £100 cashback on contract deals through O2, Vodafone, and EE.

The retailer says its best value deal is with O2, which costs £38 a month and comes with an upfront charge of £49 on a two-year contract. The same deal is available direct from O2, and includes 1GB of data and uncapped voice and text.

Its best free phone deal is with EE and costs £42.99 a month for a 4GB data, unlimited text and minutes, while its best 4G deal is with O2 and costs £43 a month with an upfront cost of £29 and offers 5GB of data with uncapped text and voice minutes.

EE itself will be stocking the HTC One M8 on what it calls a "wide range" of plans. The details of those plans are unknown, however, as the EE site was down at the time of writing.

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