HTC reports 2016 revenue down by over a third

Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC has reported that there was only one month during 2016 when its sales increased compared to 2015.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Long-embattled electronics maker HTC reported on Friday that its total revenue had fallen by over by a third during 2016.

For the year just completed, HTC made NT$78.16 billion in revenue, compared to revenue of NT$121.68 billion in 2015, a fall of 35.77 percent. During the year, the Taiwanese hardware company only earned more revenue against its 2015 numbers in one month, September, which was also its highest revenue month of the year.

(Image: HTC)

The company failed to post a quarterly profit in 2016, with HTC reporting operating losses of NT$4.8 billion, NT$4.2 billion, and NT$2.0 billion for the first three quarters of 2016, respectively. Over that period, the company increased its operating margin from -32.4 percent in Q1 to -9 percent by the end of the third quarter.

HTC pinned its hopes of a long-awaited turnaround on its HTC 10 and Vive VR devices.

An announcement on a possible new device will be made by the company on January 12.

HTC was responsible for manufacturing the Google Pixel line of phones; however, the devices were branded and promoted as pure Google devices.

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