HTC Windows Phone 7 rumors and new WP7 book project

Windows Phone 7 rumors are heating up the Internet as we get close to a retail release of WP7. You will also see a WP7 book coming from Wiley later this year written by yours truly.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The HTC Windows Phone 7 rumor mill is churning fast and hard this week and while I try not to post too much on mobile phone rumors here I couldn't pass up this one since it will be the one I will buy if the rumors are true. We know that Windows Phone 7 is coming to the US within the next couple of months with speculation ranging from as early as mid-October to end of November. Photos, sketches, and possible specifications of the HTC HD3/HD7 appeared in some forums and show that this device has a 4.3 inch 800x480 display and looks a lot like HTC took the HTC EVO 4G and threw in Windows Phone 7, including the slick kickstand. HTC looks to actually have taken some cues from Nokia and the kickstand is integrated around the camera (like the Nokia N96, N86, and N900 designs).

The photos clearly indicate a HD3 label with Windows Phone stamped prominently on the back. Some of the specs that have been reported include next generation 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 720p video recording, 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and 8GB integrated storage. I am fine with all of the specs, except for the low 8GB storage. Microsoft does not allow external microSD storage cards on Windows Phone 7 so you only get whatever comes integrated into the device and with the Zune functionality 8GB is unacceptably low for storing lots of music and videos, not to mention the videos you capture in HD format on the device. Let's hope this is just an early prototype and that we will see a device like this launching with at least 16GB out of the box, preferably with 32GB.

BTW, recent events led me into a book project that has me sleeping very little for the next month. I am getting intimately familiar with the Windows Phone 7 operating system as I work like a mad man to complete the Windows Phone 7 Companion book from Wiley. As regular readers know I have always been a Windows Mobile fan, but have also been brutally honest about Microsoft and their mobile operating systems as one of the harsher critics too. I will continue to be honest with you and those who know me personally know they can trust me without any reservations.

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