Huawei Brazil announces new leadership

Company veteran Wei Yao takes the helm
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Huawei has named Wei Yao as the new chief executive officer of its Brazil operations.

Wei replaces Jason Zhao, who held the position for two years and is now moving on to another leadership role in Huawei China.

A company veteran, Wei joined Huawei 16 years ago and most recently served as enterprise vice president. Before coming to Brazil last year, the executive was chief executive at Huawei Venezuela.

The new chief executive's brief is to "continue the company's growth in Brazil."

"Brazil is one of Huawei's most important markets. We remain committed to stimulating collaboration between the various players within the local ecosystem to develop technologies to cater for local innovation demand," Wei says.

"Huawei also has an important role to play in the debate around how technology can help solve local problems and helping Brazil get better connected," he adds.

The Chinese firm has started producing smartphones in Brazil back in 2013. At the time, the company's then chief executive Veni Shone said that Huawei was planning to open its own few stores - something that never actually happened.

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