Husband-seeking dot-com exec ditched by eBay

Kay Hammond had hoped to pull a rich businessman, but instead she's been pulled off eBay's auction service
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Kay Hammond, the 24-year-old Internet entrepreneur who tried to auction herself off as a wife on eBay, has had her advert removed.

An eBay spokeswoman told ZDNet UK that the "Buy an Entrepreneur Wife" item was taken down as soon as the company became aware of it, as it violated its "Safe Harbour" rules that dictate what can be auctioned on eBay. "In the past, we've had people trying to auction their souls or their virginity," she said. "These really aren't the kind of things that the company wants to be involved in -- they're gimmicks really".

On a quiet news day, Ms Hammond's story was widely reported on news sites across the UK. She had set her reserve price at £250,000, and was hoping to be snapped up by a suitably rich and healthy British UK resident 24-35 year old.

Since leaving school aged 16 with eight GSCEs, Hammond formed her own company -- setting up Web sites and providing technical advice. In interviews, she has claimed to earn £100,000 per year, and was hoping to become a millionaire by the end of last year.

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