Hydrogen fuel cell terminal tractors aim to clean up urban waterfronts

A new zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell-powered terminal tractor for hauling cargo aims to clean up cargo ports and waterfronts in congested urban areas.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

A Texas-based terminal tractor company has partnered with a Los Angeles-based firm to create a zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell-powered terminal tractor for hauling cargo in congested urban areas.

Capacity of Texas joined Vision Industries to create the terminal tractor, named ZETT. Based on Capacity's existing PHETT platform (pictured, at right), the tractor can carry containers for two eight-hour shifts without refueling, which takes only 15 minutes, Capacity said.

Cargo ship owners have been under recent scrutiny for the high levels of particulate emissions found in communities near working ports, caused by the exhaust fumes of marine diesel-powered container ships docked on the waterfront.

ZETT aims to provide an alternative to the gasoline-powered trucks and tractors that haul cargo around port by using hydrogen fuel cells, which have already been used in hybrid tractors along California ports, which are among the most strictly regulated.

"Terminal tractors typically operate in industrial settings in close proximity to heavily populated urban areas," said Vision Industries CEO Martin Schuermann in prepared remarks. "This is a new market sector for Vision and we believe that the marketplace will readily embrace a zero emissions terminal tractor that features significant operating cost savings when compared to conventionally powered diesel terminal tractors."

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