IBM, Carnegie Mellon launch infrastructure lab

IBM and Carnegie Mellon will create a lab to develop infrastructure to revamp cities.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM and Carnegie Mellon said Thursday that they will create a lab to develop infrastructure to revamp cities.

The new lab will reside on Carnegie Mellon's campus in Pittsburgh, Penn. At it, researchers will collect and analyze lots of data about the physical condition and energy efficiency of buildings, water pipelines and other types of infrastructure.

One initiative, for example, is exploring how to pair physical infrastructures with digital sensor networks that collect data in real-time to better understand risks and outcomes of operational changes.

The goal is to create technologies that will drive toward smart cities and infrastructure.

Among the key points:

  • IBM will provide analytics;
  • CMU will offer know-how from its engineering, architecture, public policy and business schools;
  • The collaboration is designed to combine physical structures with sensors and real-time data to gauge efficiency, condition and other factors.

Meanwhile, agencies from municipal, city, state and federal governments will be invited to participate in the lab.

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