IBM Cloud Private for Data preps Red Hat OpenShift certification, queryplex search tool

IBM Cloud Private for Data is building out features and tools to query data sources across multiple clouds.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM said its IBM Cloud Private for Data (ICP) is working to certify on Red Hat OpenShift, the container application platform and launching an edition of the service for developers as well a new search tool code named Queryplex.

Big Blue released Cloud Private for Data in May to provide a private cloud architecture for companies who have policies that rule out public clouds. In a nutshell, IBM Cloud Private for Data is akin to a data warehouse in a box, but with support for data science and engineering.

The company's latest announcement builds on IBM's partnership with Red Hat too. That partnership was outlined in May to extend IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Private for Data to Red Hat's OpenShift.

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For IBM, Cloud Private for Data provides a migration path for existing customers and a way to connect with a bevy of technologies. For instance, by connecting with Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Private for Data will also hook up with HortonWorks, which is certifying for OpenShift too.

Meanwhile, IBM is also launching a new edition for ICP for Data called ICP for Data Experiences, a trial version for developers and new customers to try out the platform. The trial allows developers and data engineers to collect and prepare data for machine learning models and analytics.

IBM also said that it will add Queryplex to allow for analytics queries that can access data on-premise and on private and public clouds. IBM's Rob Thomas, general manager for IBM Analytics, said "it's like we're giving people the ability to SQL the world."

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