IBM, Dell, EMC ally on solid-state drives

A set of leading companies have joined forces to create the SSD Form Factor Working Group, which aims to improve solid-state drive standards
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Technology giants Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, IBM and Intel have formed a working group to create better form factors and faster connections for solid-state drives.

The working group's aim is to take existing solid-state drive (SSD) standards and add in peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe). PCIe is a computer expansion card standard for PCs. "We're not looking to replace existing standards, but looking to improve end-user benefits with PCIe," said Jim Pappas, a marketing director at Intel. "We're not taking anything away. This is incremental improvements."

Pappas added that the group aims to increase performance with PCIe, improve availability and serviceability, and increase compatibility with storage connections. Other goals include improving power efficiency and reducing costs.

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SSD working group image

A group of leading companies have formed a working group to improve SSD standards. Photo credit: SSD Form Factor Working Group

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