IBM launches e-business software for portals

IBM launches e-business software that claims to address the six most important needs for managing portals, i.e. - search, navigation, categorization, web hosting and access personalization of content, collaboration and wireless access.
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IBM launches e-business software that claims to address the six most important needs for managing portals.

SINGAPORE - Called the IBM e-business Software Portal Offering, the solutions address the most important portal requirements:

  • Search, navigation and categorization
  • Web hosting of applications
  • Web access to data warehouse
  • Personalized delivery and presentation of content
  • Collaboration
  • Wireless access

    IBM e-business Software Portal Offering is classified into three areas: integrating information sources and managing multiple medium and content, web hosting of applications, personalized delivery and presentation of content of desktops and various handheld devices, and collaboration and knowledge management.

    About IBM e-business Software Portal Offering
    The software consists of the following: - IBM Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) version 7.1 and IBM Content Manager; - Five family members of WebSphere e-business platform - Four Lotus solutions -- Lotus K-Station along with Sametime, Quickplace and Learning Space.

    About EIP and IBM Content Manager
    The IBM Enterprise Information Portal version 7.1 integrates information from sources that includes the Internet, multimeida content and both IBM and non-IBM data sources.

    The IBM Content Manager provides an electronic clearing-house for enterprise information, i.e. it manages an organizations's content base to make it accessible and controllable.

    About WebSphere
    WebSphere software platform supports business applications from simple Web publishing through enterprise-scale transaction processing.

    Information about the complete WebSphere software platform is at http://www.ibm.com/websphere.

    About WebSphere Application Server
    IBM's Web application server software family includes WebSphere Application Server version 3.5, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise Editions. They enable companies at each stage of the e-business development, from startup to handling high-volume Web transactions in B2B marketplaces.

    About Lotus K-station
    The first product to be delivered from the Lotus project Raven. Key features of Lotus K-station include:

  • Personal places -- allows users to arrange customized knowledge that provide access to any source.
  • Community places -- provide online forums for group communication and management of business processes
  • QuickPlace and Sametiem Integration -- allow workgroups to set up common environment for communication and sharing and organizing information

    In conjunction with the launch, IBM is hosting a web seminar in the month of November 2000 and a direct mailing campaign in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

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