IBM launches Microservice Builder for cloud, on-prem environments

The new tool is part of IBM's ongoing effort to assist and encourage developers who are creating and managing apps built with microservices.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer
Image: IBM

IBM on Thursday is rolling out Microservice Builder, a tool that provides end-to-end support for developers building microservices on any cloud or on-premise environment.

The new tool is designed to ease the growing pressure developers face to deliver new functionalities as quickly as possible via microservices, by giving them the support needed to quickly integrate common functions in an app. It helps create and standardize functions such as runtimes, resiliency testing, configuration and security. The tool uses OpenID Connect and JSON Web Token for consistent security features.

Microservice Builder also helps developers with early steps such as writing and testing code. Teams can also use it to build with specific policies and protocols, ensuring all services work together as a complete solution. It uses the MicroProfile programming model, which extends the open standards of Java EE, to help ensure microservices work with each other.

The tool uses popular programming languages and protocols including MicroProile, Java EE, Maven, Jenkins, and Docker. It uses a Kubernetes-based container management platform, and it also works with Istio, the open platform IBM built with Google and Lyft to connect, manage and secure microservices. As the Istio fabric evolves, IBM plans to deepen the integration between Microservice Builder and Istio.

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