IBM, Pivotal team up on open governance model for Cloud Foundry

The IBM-Pivotal partnership includes establishing an advisory board as well as co-hosting a conference this September.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

IBM is teaming up with EMC's Pivotal Initiative on establishing a new open governance model for the Cloud Foundry community.

Established by Pivotal for deploying open source public and private cloud models, Cloud Foundry was designed to offer an open ecosystem of developer frameworks and application services. It is an Apache 2.0 licensed project and available to developers worldwide via Github.

Here's how the partnership will play out, at least initially.

Big Blue is planning to incorporate the Cloud Foundry open platform-as-a-service into its cloud architecture.

Pivotal will be responsible for assembling an advisory board made up of users and vendors (including IBM) within the existing Cloud Foundry community that will work towards developing this governance model based on Cloud Foundry's guidelines.

Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz suggested in prepared remarks that involving more players in Cloud Foundry could open up the platform to a "new generation of applications for the cloud."

Furthermore, both tech companies are collaborating on a project to enable programming languages and frameworks to be deployed on Cloud Foundry, starting with a preview version of WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core, IBM’s version of the WebSphere Application Server.

Finally, IBM and Pivotal will be co-hosting a two-day Cloud Foundry Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. this September for developers and vendors.

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