IBM pulls plug on PowerPC NT systems

IBM is admitting defeat and shutting down its PowerPC Windows NT business.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"It's a simple, logical commercial decision," said Ian Roscow, a product marketing specialist in the RS6000 group. "It seems that NT on RISC-based systems is not proving to be a popular choice."

IBM will plug the gap with Intel-based systems running NT and support existing customers, Roscow added. "It's a question of stopping development and marketing. We will continue to support PowerPC/NT customers."

PCDN Comment: This inevitable withdrawal leaves Apple as the only major PowerPC system vendor and chalks up yet another victory for Intel. It is a sign of Big Blue's new realism that it can recognise a lost cause and, with little third-party support and even OS/2 now destined not to appear on the silicon, that is surely what the PowerPC is.

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