IBM, SAP partner to couple HANA, cloud, cognitive computing

The two companies are teaming up to land more digital transformation deals. Here's how they plan to co-mingle their wares.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM and SAP said they will aim to collaborate and integrate Big Blue's cloud and cognitive computing technology with S/4HANA and HANA Cloud Platform as the two companies court enterprises attempting to go digital.

The partnership builds on a long-running alliance between the two companies.

According to a statement, the companies will aim to collaborate on things like cognitive computing extensions, industry specific applications and user experiences and cloud and on-premise deployments. SAP's HANA technology appears to be the base enabler for the joint effort.

In addition, the two companies will co-mingle in Walldorf, Germany and Palo Alto, Calif. as well as showcase their joint wares at their respective innovation centers.

Among the moving parts:

  • IBM and SAP will create cloud applications aimed at industries and expand existing HANA services that were created from a 2014 effort.
  • The companies will work with customers on hybrid and on-premise deployments with SAP's HANA on IBM Power systems.
  • Design centers from both IBM and SAP will collaborate on "predesigned experiences."
  • Services from the two companies will be integrated under "collaborative consulting models."
  • SAP and IBM will crate digital transformation roadmaps tailored to industries.
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