IBM secures patents for 'express lane' cloud data analysis, streamlined deployment

The company has secured two patents to streamline cloud deployment and enhances real-time analysis of cloud data.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

IBM has secured new patents for the rapid analysis of cloud data and to make cloud service deployment more cost-effective and efficient.

Announced on Monday, the tech giant said the newly-awarded patent, US patent #8,676,981 B2 "Routing Service Requests Based on Lowest Actual Cost within a Federated Virtual Service Cloud," uses analytics to increase cloud computing performance and reduce costs.

By moving workloads between or within cloud data centers, IBM says automatic analysis can be used to determine the most effective use of available resources.

The patented invention automatically pools cloud computing resources from disparate data centers, which in turn gives clients the opportunity to improve performance and save money by reducing the amount of manual intervention needed to allocate hardware, software and services.

IBM says technological development revolving around cloud computing can be used to help streamline the management of cloud hubs no matter their location while also improving application performance.

Leonard Hand, IBM Master Inventor and lead inventor on the patent commented:

"Cloud delivery models are evolving and maturing and are creating new possibilities for end-users and third-party service providers to lower costs for IT deployments as they enter new markets and create new solutions. Our patented invention will give users more control over their cloud deployments so that they can extract the most value from their IT resources at the most optimal cost."

The second patent IBM has secured, US Patent #8,639,809, "Predictive Removal Of Runtime Data Using Attribute Characterizing," details the use of analytics for assessing and directing data in a cloud computing environment, which could make application processing more efficient.

The firm says this patented invention allows for more effective data analysis from a variety of sources -- such as online transactions, sensor readings and video streams -- thereby creating "express lanes" for the most important information sets. As resources are finite, prioritizing particular data sets can help the enterprise avoid performance inefficiencies and processing delays.

The patented technique performs real-time data analysis to determine priority data packets and identifying patterns which have correlated with slower processing in the past. The system then channels each data packet down the right analysis path to optimize performance. For example, in the analysis of audio files in a call center, some calls may contain background noise which requires more processing power than clearer, better-quality files.

To date, IBM has invested over $7 billion in 17 acquisitions to accelerate its cloud initiatives and boost its cloud portfolio. The company currently holds over 1,500 cloud patents.

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