IBM triples investment in India

Sam Palmisano has announced that IBM will spend some $6bn developing its operations in India
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

IBM is planning to spend up to $6bn (£3.2bn) on a major expansion of its operations in India.

The company announced on Tuesday morning that it is planning to expand its services, software, hardware and research businesses in India.

"India and other emerging economies are an increasingly important part of IBM's global success," said Sam Palmisano, the firm's chairman and chief executive, speaking in Bangalore. "IBM is not going to miss this opportunity."

At present, IBM already employs over 40,000 people in India, where it has invested $2bn in the last three years. The country has benefited from the boom in outsourcing in recent years, but IBM's announcement shows the company has identified India as a key market for the future.

Palmisano indicated that IBM plans to use some of its $6bn investment to develop an automated one-stop-shop service allowing customers in India to buy hardware, software and services. It also intends to build a a telecommunications research and innovation centre at its laboratory in Delhi, which could link IBM consultants, developers, engineers and researchers around the world.

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