Icahn gets more serious about Nuance investment

Is Icahn turning his immediate attention away from Apple and eBay to Nuance?
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

While most of the spotlight concerning Carl Icahn's tech investment portfolio has been on Dell, eBay, and Apple, the financier has also been stepping up his interest in Nuance Communications.

The American business magnate is said to have increased his share count from 58.9 million to 60.8 million, according to MarketWatch. Icahn is reported to have held at least 24 percent of the company as of the fourth quarter of 2013.

Amid the internal battle at Dell last year, Icahn previously bumped up his stake in the digital assistant software company last August to a 16.9 percent stake, versus 16.4 previously. There was also speculation that Icahn would shoot for a board seat as well.

Icahn typically doesn't shy away from discussing investments close to his heart, usually vocalizing them in TV interviews or just going straight to Twitter.

However, in this case, Icahn hasn't commented publicly about his latest Nuance dealings yet. His last Tweet read that he was excited to watch the second season of House of Cards, debuting on Netflix today.

Icahn also has significant investments in Netflix. Yet he's been taking some heat for dropping out too much too soon following a slash in his stake with the online rental giant last October.

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