Ice Cream Sandwich gets delivered to AT&T Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Galaxy Note owners have been anxiously waiting for the Android ICS update and today AT&T announced it is rolling out. Galaxy S II Skyrocket owners are also not being left behind and can get the update.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Samsung rolled out the Ice Cream Sandwich update to the international Galaxy Note starting in May, but in typical fashion US carrier models were left behind. Today, AT&T announced their Galaxy Note update is available, along with an ICS update for the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. I know a coworker is very happy as he has been waiting for the Skyrocket update too.

IMHO, ICS is the best implementation of Android I have ever used and it is great to see existing device owners getting the update officially. The UI is improved and you get faster browsing, better multitasking, improved home screen organization, a new notifications bar, and much more. Samsung Galaxy Note owners will see major new features, including an improvem S Memo app and S Note utility.The S Note utility increases the functionality of the S Pen including:

  • Shape Match, which refines hand-drawn shapes such as circle, square, lines and arrows
  • Formula Match, which recognizes and completes complex math formulas
  • Knowledge Search, which enables the user to quickly research information from a hand-written note via Wolfram Alpha database
  • Templates for new documents

To get the update, follow the instructions on the AT&T Consumer Blog that include using the Samsung Kies program.

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