IDF: From the show floor

ZDNet's blogger at large sends in bulletins from the Intel Developer Forum. Plus, all the news, video and photos from the San Francisco event
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In San Francisco, Intel has thrown open the conference doors again for its semi-annual jamboree of speeches and showcases for hardware makers — the Intel Developer Forum. It's a key event for the chipmaker as it tries to get partners and developers to buy into its next generation of technology.

For the three days of IDF, James B, our ZDNet Blogger at Large, has been posting dispatches from the show floor, giving the techie's-eye view of what's going on. Our own Rupert Goodwins has also been blogging regularly, backing up the full lineup of reports, videos and photos from the show.

The "tick tock" of Intel's road clock has seen executives get up and announce what's next for its mainstream x86 processors, "the world's first working 32-nanometre device" and why hardware makers should care about WiMax.

Intel Developer Forum - going mobile

Day 2 in the Intel house, and we're onto the mobility keynotes. First up, Dadi Perlmutter, honcho in charge of things mobile, creator of Centrino, and one of the architects... [20 Sept 2007]

IDF - Day 2 - Gloves are Off

IDF - Day 2 - Gloves are Off

Day 2 marks a change in direction for the '07 IDF. The morning kicks off with a bullish keynote in which Intel's SVP of Ultra Mobility, Anand Chandrasekher... [19 Sept 2007]

Intel Developer Forum - fly in the ointment?

Leaving the Moscone to grab a half decent cofffe - an orange flyer is given to me outlining details of a strike by laundry staff employed by Prudential Overall Supply... [19 Sept 2007]

Intel Developer Forum - Day 1

2007 marks 10 years of the IDF and judging by the number of annoucements from Intel the speed of advances has barely slowed. The 45nm platform will be superceded by the 32nm... [19 Sept 2007]

Intel Developer Forum - Wimax, HD laptop commitments

Intel Developer Forum - Wimax, HD laptop commitments

Paul Otellini has moved onto Wimax, which he says is an essential component of the next wave of ultramobile. Year ago, trials moving from fixed wimax to mobile. Ten trials... [18 Sept 2007]

World's first working 32nm device at IDF, Nehalem design finished

Paul Otellini just showed off "the world's first working 32nm device" - a wafer containing test memory circuits, 291 megabit RAM chips with 1.9 billion transistor per die... [18 Sept 2007]

Intel Developer Forum - the show begins

It's Day 0 at the Intel Developer Forum, the traditional pre-show press briefing. I got in to San Francisco on Saturday to find that the Marriott, the hotel where the press... [18 Sept 2007]


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