If only Apple could enjoy the same kind of love as Huawei

A video showing little kids singing the praises of Huawei shows that Apple has a long way to go.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

This is true love.

(Screenshot: ZDNet)

The complaints are often heard, coming from those who claim to know.

Apple's products aren't as good as Samsung's, they say. It's just the marketing that's better.

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Worse, some say -- those some includes Samsung -- Apple just waits for others to innovate and then copies them with a slightly different look.

The complainers can't believe how much emotional commitment Apple enjoys from customers.

Yes, Apple fanpersons have somewhat grown out of standing in long lines for every product launch. They still blindly buy the next iWhatever in the blink of an i.

Yet I'm here to tell you Apple's supposed emotional hold on humanity is nothing compared to Huawei's.

As my evidence, may I present a recently created video, which is less a musical number than a homage to China's great and, the US government contends, suspicious brand.

The video shows a group of very happy kids singing a song that eulogizes the beauty of the Chinese handset maker.

I offer you sample lyrics, a translation courtesy of Reset Era:

All around the world, which phone is the most pretty?
Everyone says it's Huawei!
Battery lasts long, design is great,
China Chip is the most valuable!

Oh, this won't go down well in Cupertino, where they feel they own the pulchritude category.

These kids, though, think they know better:

Huawei good, Huawei Beauty,
Huawei makes me smarter!
Teacher teaches me to love my country,
Homemade phones, love Huawei!

The video raced around Chinese social media in what one imagines was a very beautiful way.

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It was created by Yourong Li, who seems to be a composer attached to the CPC Central Military Commission Political Department Song and Dance Troupe.

It can't be easy asking your Google Assistant to play their greatest hits.

The kids are from the Zhou Dan Children Music Studio, whose home is Zhuhai, in the south of China.

Huawei has disavowed any participation in this video. Those of heavily nationalistic bent will, though, surely appreciate that even Chinese children can enjoy such a depth of adoration for the brand.

Somehow, US tech companies have failed to incite such depth of popular youth expression. Perhaps the closest was Microsoft's passionate -- and slightly execrable -- launch ad for its first Surface.

I'm sure many looking at this artistic joy will wonder why Apple has never managed to create such a melodious, nationalistic musical extravaganza.

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I've already penned a few sample lyrics for Tim Cook's delectation:

Apple biting, Apple fighting,

Apple is always exciting!

Apple conquers all the lands,

Apple power is in your hands!

iPhone, iPad, AirPods too

Bringing US power to you!

Try and stop us if you dare

We have ways to make you care!

There's plenty more where that came from, Tim. Please let me know when you're ready to go ahead.

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