If you EVER say ANY of these four tech phrases, you are so clueless

Lots of big news today..many posts tonight and in the a.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor
Lots of big news today..many posts tonight and in the a.m.

But before I get down to yet another round of "sideways-thinking as thought leadership," let's have a bit of fun, K?

Why is it that so many otherwise with-it techies still say:

Palm Pilot? Palm has not made Pilots for several years. They make Treos. Uh, hello?

IBM-compatible- So 1986. IBM is out of the PC and laptop business, and has been out of the OS business, since, well, OS. So please say "Windows-compatible", wudya?

Microsoft Expedia- Sorry, sold to InterActive Corp. a couple of years ago, now spun off. The only relationship Expedia has with Microsoft is as a preferred travel provider on MSN.com. So just call them Expedia. Or, Expedia.com., if you wish.

And the fourth clueless utterance may not seem tech-related. But what could be more tech-related than time?

As in...

Eastern Standard Time- Seems like every day, I get email and phone confirmations for conference calls at (fill in the time) "Eastern Standard Time." Well, take a look at the calendar, people. We're on Daylight time, and will be for the next six months. So unless you are calling me from Arizona or Hawaii (the only two states that still haven't gotten with the  Daylight Time thing), it's about time you remember that we are on Daylight Time!!

Got any more clueless tech phrases that drive you batty when you hear people say them? Share them with a TalkBack! 

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