IGF 2013 delegates to discuss governance issues

The annual Internet Governance Forum kicks off in Bali today, bringing together regulators, policy makers, academics, civic groups, and other delegates who will discuss issues. But, has the landscape changed?
Written by Bryan Tan, Contributor

The Internet Governance Forum 2013 kicks off today in Bali, where I am this week attending the four-day conference.

For the next week, policy makers, civic society groups, corporates, academics, and other delegates will converge in Bali to discuss public policies relating to Internet governance. Over 2,000 people are expected to discuss the mandate on the World Summit on the Information Society and to advise the United Nations-Secretary General as a multi-stakeholder forum.

Issues up for discussion include the domain name system, data protection, content regulation, cybersecurity, intellectual property, IPv6, access, net neutrality, and human rights online. A plethora of views is expected and to gain consensus may be more challenging than not.

Unlike the Internet, governance of the Internet is a pretty slow-moving development. Afterall, perhaps these things should not be rushed. I am attending some of the sessions (thanks to the Internet Society) and will be blogging on some of the stuff I have learnt.

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